De warmtepompboiler van Qsilence  

With the Qstore boiler you always have domestic hot water. Whenever you need it. Our Qstore is part of the Qsilence PVT-system, a 100% fossil free solution.

Qstore warmtepompboiler

Hoe werkt een warmtepompboiler?

The cylinder takes of the storage of domestic hot water. The Qsilence PVT heat pump system generates heat in a very sustainable way. This heat is efficiently stored in the heatpump cylinder. The heat is used to heat your house, but with the cylinder also to heat your shower/bath. Sustainability is necessary, but while maintaining or even improving your comfort.

Waarom een warmtepompboiler?

Because a heatpump heats with a lower capacity than a gasboiler, storage for the shower/bath water is necessary. We offer this storage with the Qstore storage cylinders.

The Qstore cylinder works together with our PVT panels and PVT heatpump.

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Qstore Warmtepompboiler van Qsilence voordelen
warm water

Sustainable & low maintenance

The Qstore heatpump cylinders are produced in our own factory. The Qstore cylinders are made of high-quality materials. By using stainless steel, these storage vessels are lightweight.

Sustainable: These cylinders are also sustainable and the stainless steel materials ensures a long and a low maintenance lifetime. This way you can enjoy a warm and sustainable home for a long time and carefree, thanks to the Qstore cylinders for the Qbooster heatpump.

Welke boiler heb ik nodig?

Completely all electric heatpump and the Qstore. There are 2 types of Qstore cylinders available:

  • Heatpump cylinder 200 liter:

    The 200 liter cylinder is often enough for families of up to 4 people with standard shower comfort. So no rain shower, lots of baths, etc.

  • heatpump cylinder 300 liter:
    The 300 liter boiler is for larger families or families with a higher demand for domestic hot water. For example, if you have a rain shower, take a long shower or take a bath regularly.

We also offer solutions for larger domestic hot water systems. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

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Qstore warmtepomp boiler types

Produced with care in The Netherlands
With the highest quality

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