Qsilence PVT panels

Heating your home without fossil fuels

Our PVT panel is a solar panel and solar thermal collector in one. The PVT panels generate electricity and heat at the same time. An all in one solution for a fossil free heating and cooling system.

How Qpanel PVT panels works

Qpanel PVT

1 for all. Our PVT-panel generates electricity and heat.

The Qpanel is a high-quality solar panel, as has already been installed on many roofs for generating electricity. We just did something smart with it. The panel not only generate electricity, but also heat is extracted from wind, air, rain and (sun)light via de back of the panel. This energy can be used for both heating and cooling*.

Approximately 70% of the generated heat is extracted from the air, which ensures that the PVT panel works 24/7 and 365 days a year.


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Heating & cooling

Heating your house with Qpanel PVT panels is already possible. Recently it is also possible to cool your house with our PVT system in addition to heating. Handy, because the summers are getting warmer.

PVT generates 24/7

70% of the heat is extracted from air and 30% from (sun)light. Even on dark rainy days, the system is at work. 


A Qpanel PVT system does not contain rotating parts such as fans. This makes the system a silent and low-maintenance source for the heatpump.

Produced with care in The Netherlands

Only the highest quality


PVT module with the highest efficency!

Only 2 Qpanels are required per kW output power of a heatpump. An average well-insulated terraced house can be made fossil free with only 10 Qpanel PVT panels. Bivalent setups are also possible to save fossil fuels. 

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