24/7 energy from PVT panels

        Energy from sun, wind and rain

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        One system for electricity and heat

        Discover a new way of generating energy with the Qsilence PVT system! With this system you provide your home with electricity and heat with help from the sun. A sustainable fossil free solution that works 24/7, even at night. With a Qsilence PVT system you have a silent and low maintenance source for the heat pump. No evaporator unit with possible noise disturbance or complex and expensive soil sources needed.

        With the 3 elements of Qsilence, your home is silent, fossil free and sustainably heated!


        Qpanel PVT

        One panel that generates electricity and heat That is possible with the Qpanel PVT panel. Qpanel is an innovative combination of a 330 Wp solar panel with a thermal heat exchanger at the back. A solar panel and solar collector in one!

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        Qbooster heatpump

        The heat from Qpanel PVT panels is upgraded with the Qbooster to uasable temperature for heating your home and domestic hot water. The Qbooster is smart and adapts the output power to the heat demand. A compact powerhouse!

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        Qstore cylinder

        You want to increase sustainability but not compromise on comfort. For a nice shower or bath whenever you want, there is the Qstore. The Qstore is a maintenance-free stainless steel storage cylinder where domestic hot water is stored to be available when needed.

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        Nice and quiet

        The Qsilence system is silent. The Qpanel PVT panels have no rotating parts such as fans that can cause noise disturbance.


        How does it work?

        If you want to know how the Qsilence system works, view our animation.

        This is how it works