Infinity = not active

In some situations the heatpump is still active while the setpoint of the roomtemperature is reached. In this situation there is heat demand of the Guesthouse.

Above a real-time Qsilence live system. Below the specifications:

Residence & household:

  • House volume: 675 m3

  • Guesthouse volume: 325 m3

  • Heating system: underfloor

  • No. of residents incl. guesthouse: 8

  • Setpoint of heating: 22,5 ºC

  • Insulation level: very good (RC 4,5)


  • 24 stuks PVT Qpanels

  • 12 additional PV panels

  • Oriëntation: South

  • Warmtepomp: Qube

  • Domestic hot water: Qstore 300 liter

Voor dit systeem is gebruik gemaakt van externe monitoring via een Resol regelaar.